Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Conquering Hero

I soar on wings of eagles
because you have given me hope.
Continually, you fill me with great joy
Your love just over flows.

You were my light, my salvation,
when I only knew fear.
You protected me from danger,
then drew me so close, so near

You asked me, “Why do you tremble?”
Why should I ever again be afraid?
Because you will always be my helper,
and always come to my aid.

You are my rock, my strength,
I love you with all my heart and soul.
“My God and My Savior!”
I shout this for the world to know.

Whenever again troubles may come,
I will hold my head high,
because you cradle me in your arms,
and give me the courage to fight.

Even if the enemy attacks,
and tries to bring fear in my heart,
I know I'm protected and safe,
for I have you as my personal guard.

You saved me, My Lord,
and gave me new life.
You rescued me from darkness,
and let all Your love shine.

Lord, I adore you.
My Heart, My Soul.
My Life, My Love.
It’s Yours, and Yours alone.

I thank you forever,
for dying for me.
My conquering Hero-
My God, I Love You.

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